Choosing Skin Disease Treatment

Questions To Ask your Doctor 

Ultimately, the patient must trust the Doctor, and feel comfortable that he or she will be available after treatment to help with any questions that may arise. The more you know about your doctor’s ability and experience, the better chance you will have of successful treatment. Some basic questions to ask include:

How extensive is your experience with my procedure?
What complications have you encountered in the past and how did you handle them?
What risks should I expect?
What results should I expect?
Is there anything about my medical history or lifestyle that could affect the outcome of my treatment?
Is there an age restriction for my procedure? (for most cosmetic procedures patients must be at least 18)

Things To Remember 

Cosmetic Treatment is elective. Most patients spend months or years researching and interviewing different doctors before they finally decide on surgery. Take your time and find a doctor that is right for you.

Choosing Your Doctor

For patients that are educated, know what to expect of their treatment before going under the knife, and know how to prepare for recovery, doctor usually poses less of a threat and, sometimes, undesirable results can even be avoided. Like most Doctor, the Doctor of Malaysia believes that patients who come from his Web site or are referred by former patients are usually better prepared for treatment. From there he says it us up to the doctor, has a different way of educating their patient.

Choose The Clinic

Most Skin Disease Treatment are performed as outpatient procedures in a doctor’s office or surgical facility. Many such facilities will include different amenities including soothing music and a laid-back environment to help you relax. Some patients that are undergoing more intense surgery or require additional care may have inpatient surgery in a hospital with a stay of a few days.


The consultation is one of the most important ways to prepare for your treatment. Not only should you make sure that you get all of your questions about treatment and the results answered, you should also take this time to get all the necessary information about what steps to take to ensure a speedy recovery. Besides gathering information, it is also time set aside for you to become comfortable with your doctor and the doctor’s staff.

Know The Risks

Cosmetic treatment like pigmentation laser and acne scar laser are major treatment and can take up to 3 hours to perform, sometimes longer if multiple procedures are combined. Like any treatment there are rare but possible risks involved. Some of these include:
Blood clots
Reaction to anesthesia
Nerve damage

Of course each treatment carries with it its own possible risks. Following pigmentation laser, scar acnne laser,a breast augmentation, for example, an implant could rupture causing silicone or saline leakage and liposuction can cause blood vessels to burst, leaving permanently discolored skin. With non-surgical procedures like chemical peels or Botox injections the risks are less serious, usually posing aesthetic problems and not health risks. Your doctor will be able to give you a list of procedure specific risks prior to surgery.

Treatment Costs

The costs of treatment vary depending on the doctor and location of the practice. A pigmentation laser in Singapore & KL Golden Triangle will cost more than it would in Puchong & Cheras. Minor procedures can be as low as a RM400 while an extensive facelift can be as high as RM5000 or more after anesthesia and facility costs are considered.

Quality Over Cost

Smart shoppers are always taught to ask the question “where can I find it cheaper?” But shopping for a new face is not like shopping for a new pair of pants. Sure, you will probably have the opportunity to find a cheaper acne scar laser job, some practices will even advertise lower pricing, and sometimes this is a wonderful option; and sometimes it’s not. Being comfortable with your doctor and staff, and having the knowledge that they will be available post-treatment is a lot more comforting than the knowledge that you saved a couple hundred bucks. Keep in mind that most complications can be corrected with relative ease, but if your doctor isn’t available a minor complication can turn into a serious health risk.

Take Your Time

Don’t forget that most people will take 2-3 months or more before they are ready for treatment. Doctors are use to patients that take their time before going in for treatment. Make sure you have weighed all of your options before deciding upon treatment.


Most Doctor are performed under general anesthesia, which means you will be asleep for the entire treatment. In some instances general anesthesia is not necessary. In these cases your doctor will use local anesthesia to numb the area that will be operated on, and administer a sedative that will leave you awake but completely relaxed.


Patients that have undergone major treatment and just awoken from the effects of anesthesia feel groggy and are usually uncomfortable and could be in a great deal of pain. Some patients that receive fat injections in their face to remove the appearance of wrinkles are vibrant and ready to return to their daily routine immediately after leaving the doctor’s office. The levels of post procedure comfort vary between these two extremes. However, if you have recently had treatment chances are you will find a closer connection to the first example.


Recovery is more than just feeling better after treatment and getting back to daily events: the recovery process can greatly effect the results of surgery. Diet, exercises, medication, massaging the incision site or treating it with skin cream can potentially help your body heal and offer better results. Make sure to ask your doctor what you can do to help optimize the results of treatment. Recovery is a process. Accept that you will only be able to return to normal life gradually. Treat your body right and it will thank you. 

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