Cell Therapy is an anti-aging therapy that helps your body system heals on its own. Essentially, Cell Therapy stimulates the cells in your body to revitalize by implanting new, young cells into your body. As a result, the old cells extend its ability to renew.

As cells revitalized its capability to renew, the process of aging is slowed down in its natural course. This is because there are more new cells to replenish the old and weak cells in your body.

  Therefore, what takes place anywhere between weeks to months upon starting the therapy, is a restoration of cells in your body, transforming you with improved vitality, younger appearance and healthier shape.

 How Cell Therapy came about   The first use of modern Cell Therapy was used by Dr Paul Niehans, a Swiss physician respected in the field of endocrinology (the study of glands), when he performed a miraculous operation on a woman who has lost her parathyroid glands during a surgery in the 1930's.

 By the 1970's, the Cell Therapy was widely used both empirically (i.e. from laboratory researches) and from the clinical observation on patients who have used the therapy. Today, other specialists in the field have further improved the technique.

 Millions including many of the royal family members of the world, presidents, movie stars and even Pope Pius XII have undergone this therapy.